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Jeffrey Nelson



Phone: 203-832-4338

Art Exhibitions

2016          Solo Exhibition, UNCON, Stamford, CT

2015          Solo Exhibition, UNCON, Stamford, CT

2014          Solo Exhibition, Musée du Croco, Milan, Italy

Art Collections

2017          Private collection, Riverside, CT - World Trade Center

2017          Private collection, Westlake, TX - 5 Digital Paintings

2016          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Three Bridges Over The East River

2016          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Blue Flowers

2015          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Midtown Reflections

2015          Commissioned, Rye Brook, NY -  Empire Sunset

2015          Private collection, Mount Kisco, NY - Spring Blossoms

2010          Private collection, Norwalk, CT - Firenze 


1998          BlackStar Newspaper, Harlem’s Puppet Master

1997          Trickle Up Program Newsletter, International-The Puppetman: New York City

1995          CNN Prime News

1994          The New York Beacon Newspaper-The 16th Annual Harlem Christmas Tree Lighting  

1992          New York Amsterdam Newspaper-Hale House Christmas Celebration

1992          Entertainment Tonight, WCBS-Hale House Christmas Celebration

1992          The Big Red Newspaper, NY-Jeffrey L. Nelson a/k/a Le Puppetman


2001          Computer Technician / 3D Animation, The Career Center, NY 

1999          Facial Mask Making, School of Visual Arts, NY

1991          Study under Raymond Billingsley, Creator of “Curtis”, comic strip, NY

1990          Apprentice to Bruce Cannon, Master Puppeteer, Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, NY

1983          Travel and Tourism, Sawyer College of Business, Sherman Oaks, CA

1980          Technical Drafting,  David Starr Jordan High, Los Angeles, CA

1979          Visual Arts,  Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA 

Related Professional Experience

Founder, Le Puppetman Puppetry, New York, NY and Stamford, CT.  Variety Shows, Educational and Recreational Workshops, Custom made Puppets and figurines. 


Master Puppeteer and Artist Educator, City Parks Foundation, New York, NY.  Performing in “The Peter Pan Game” and “Sleeping Beauty” Shows at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park.  Troubleshoot and emphasize theatrical protocol.  Design and maintain puppets, scenery, stage and props.

African American Musical Puppetry - touring puppet show, Le Puppetman Puppetry and New York Children Theatre.

The Big Apple Star Search - touring puppet show, Marionette Theatre in Central Park and New York City Parks, Recreation Centers and Playgrounds.

Harlem River Drive - touring puppet show, Bruce Cannon Puppetry Productions and New York Children’s Theatre.


















Member of the Union International de la Marionette, UNIMA-USA

Member of The Puppeteers of America, Inc

Member of the Connecticut Guild of Puppetry

Personal Information


Artist residence, Stamford CT



Jeffrey L. Nelson-Artist



Jeffrey Nelson



Jeffrey Nelson-Artist



Jeffrey Nelson



● Acrylic Painting

● Digital Painting

● Photoshop Elements 13

● Design Sculpey Clay

● Design wooden figurines

● Photoshop CC

● Photographer

● Design Rod Puppets 

● Design Foam Puppet 

● Design Hand Puppet 

● Design and construct 

puppet scenery, stage and  props 

● Design and construct

Facemasks, Clay, Rubber,

Leather and Paper Machie

● Design Marionettes

Printable Resume

Extended Work History

2010 - present
2010 - present
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