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Venice Grand Canal

“Venice Grand Canal” this digital painting was created entirely in Adobe Photoshop using a stylus pen and Wacom Cintiq tablet. Working in Adobe Photoshop, I use custom settings with the mixer brush tool, swatches and layers, etc.

When the stylus pen is flowing just right, the results are remarkable detailed, using precise pressure and angles, one can mimic an array of brush sizes and behaviors, arranging from flat, to rigger tips with short to long brush strokes and anything in between, it feel like using a paint brush just with more control.

Digital paintings allows me to create with ease and without the messy brushes and paints. It is becoming one of my favorite medium for creating paintings that sometimes traditional paintings doesn’t allow me to express. Don’t get me wrong, I love using a real paint brush and the smell of fresh paint and the texture of the canvas. Digital painting isn’t a substitute for traditional painting, I like to think, it is a wonderful additional to my creative adventures.

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