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The City of Snehtana was developed over 7 years ago and still is evolving.  My love for reading maps and I’m particularly fond of European city maps, I wanted to create a map from scratch with representations of several European cities; Athens, Paris, London, Rome, Venice and of course New York City.  The concept for the City of Snehtana originally begin as a basic 2D map in the district of Union, just east of the river and soon included the Waterfront and South Central districts.  I also begun to develop a second 2D city map named Port Ecineve, which is now located near the lower left corner, right across from the pink bridge.  Port Ecineve was modeled after Venice.  Both cities begin to develop quickly, so I merged both maps to make it easier to draw simultaneously.  The expansion grew beyond my original plans.  I drew day in and day out, days became weeks, then months and finally years until one city block became hundreds of blocks and the map was now a metropolitan city.  Then came the hard question, how to make this map more realistic?

After many hours researching online and studying maps, the obvious step to take was making the map in 3D and adding depth with details, shadows, vegetation, special effects.  Of course that was only the beginning and here I am 7 years later working on a project that has taken on a life of its own.

Every detail in the City of Snehtana is an original concept and is carefully planned, also drawn to accurate scale. For you Adobe Photoshop nerds like myself, I have created over 200 layers and some of the layers are for vehicles, watercrafts, airplanes, pedestrians, buildings/color/windows, trams, streets, lamp-posts, tree types etc.  This project is dear to my heart and I will continue to create new layers for sharing via my website.  In the near future posters will be available.

Fun facts: (In Central Snehtana)

Snehtana =Athens                          Port Ecineve = Venice                    Snehtana (Eiffel) Tower 1,510ft              World tallest Ferris wheel (650ft)                             69 skyscrapers                 2 Monorail systems          Hot air balloons         Boeing 737, 757 and 777 aircrafts         Bombardier 415, C110 aircrafts    Vehicles: taxis, buses, 18 wheelers, vans, cars, trucks,trams,           Sport stadium              Watercrafts: tour boats, ferries, water taxis, tugboats, pleasure crafts, cruise ships, barges         Amusement Park          Parks and Squares                                           Boat Lake        Empire State Building Sister         Canals                    Gondolas                           Bridges                    Piers           Train yards

Trains                                Airport                              Fountains                                                                               Botanical Garden                             Navy yard


Enjoy the tour!

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