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About Jeffrey Nelson

At the young age of 5, I began drawing and painting.  I credit my love for art to my dear mother who would cut open paper grocery bags where I would draw and color airplanes and ships for hours.  I would entertain myself, immersing myself in my realm of creativity.

Not limiting myself to one medium, my visual work includes elements of graphic art, painting, mixed media, photography, puppetry, and sculpturing.  As a conceptual artist I felt compelled to give these dreams life as I personally witnessed it.  Taking in the breath-taking vistas of the Hawaiian Islands, the sandstone colors of the Grand Canyon, glass angular towers of Manhattan, the richness of New England autumns, pastel villages of the Italian Riviera all has given me meaning in my life’s journey.

I find beauty in all that my mind can take in.  Once I select an art project, I’m laser focused with bold to subtle brushstrokes, depending on my artistic mood, giving my work unique sentiments.  I have always used my creativity to pursue lovely visions of striking abstract, bold hues even when the subject is just black and white, it speaks to the casual viewer in its subtle design and complexities.

“Blue Mood” is my watercolor and ink series inspired by the blue pottery of Delts Holland, my personal travel photos and portrait photos.  Blue being the primary color in this series, the artwork is striking in detail.

A touch of red in my “Red Series” collection helps to bring out the subject or focus with different shades of red.  Concentrating more on abstract graphics, more of the pieces in this series is digital or born of a digital format.  Through experimentation I have discovered that within digital applications, my creativity can take yet another flight.  I have developed my unique way of looking at the world utilizing the hues of the rainbow.  I design and flow with what my mind’s eye digests and produce music for the eye and fulfillment to the soul.

Flowers Series paintings are right out of my garden.  Flowers are nature’s perfect bouquet of colors and I delight in the mysteries, delicate shapes that scream to be brushed onto a canvas or captured on my digital lens.  I have created many floral paintings, for commissions, collectors and some for permanent displays at a private Accounting Firm in Texas.

Many hours at the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona are truly highlights of my creative career and forever push me to my next adventure.  This collection of artworks focuses on well-known public people, family and friends who have personally inspired me.  Each portrayal is from photogenic reference and a reflection of the person’s characteristics.  Developing every image takes an energetic path with vibrant abstract colors, overlays of patterns, design and brushstrokes.  The result in this creative series is my vision take of pop and urban culture.

My artist mentor, renown syndicated humorist illustrator has greatly influenced my professional career and personal life playing an extremely important role in developing my style, with guidance and pushing me to my creative limits.  He has guided, motivated, taught and inspired me to reach deep into my creative conscious and bring forth the art that dwells within.

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Art Exhibitions


2020     Celebrating Color, Rene Soto Gallery and Saugatuck Church, Westport, CT, USA

2020     Vanishing, Rene Soto Gallery, Norwalk, CT, USA

2019     Wilton Library Show and Loft Artists Association, Wilton, CT, USA

2019     Lock Works, Stamford Museum & Loft Artists Association, Stamford, CT, USA

2019     Rene Soto Gallery, Norwalk, CT USA

2019     New Member Show, Loft Artist Association, Stamford, CT, USA

2018     Holiday Pop Up Art Show, Loft Artist Association, Stamford, CT, USA

2018     Open Studios 2018, Loft Artist Association, Stamford, CT, USA

2017     Deloitte University, West Lake, TX, USA

2016     Solo Exhibition, UNCON, Stamford, CT USA

2015     Solo Exhibition, UNCON, Stamford, CT, USA

2014     Solo Exhibition, Musée du Croco, Milan, Italy

Art Collections

2021          Private collection, New York, NY – Venezia Canale Reflection

2020          Private collection, San Francisco, CA – The Woods

2018          Private collection, Lancaster, CA – Koi Pond

2017          Private collection, Riverside, CT - World Trade Center (b&w)

2017          Private collection, Westlake, TX - 5 Digital Paintings

2016          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Three Bridges Over the East River

2016          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Blue Flowers

2015          Private collection, Stamford, CT - Midtown Reflections

2015          Commissioned, Rye Brook, NY - Empire Sunset

2015          Private collection, Mount Kisco, NY - Spring Blossoms

2011          Private collection, Norwalk, CT - Always Near By

2011          Private collection, Norwalk, CT – Colorato Ponte Vecchio

Personal Information


Artist residence, Stamford CT



Jeffrey L. Nelson-Artist



Jeffrey Nelson



Jeffrey Nelson-Artist



Jeffrey Nelson



1998          BlackStar Newspaper, Harlem’s Puppet Master

1997          Trickle Up Program Newsletter, International-The Puppetman: New York City

1995          CNN Prime News

1994          The New York Beacon Newspaper-The 16th Annual Harlem Christmas Tree Lighting  

1992          New York Amsterdam Newspaper-Hale House Christmas Celebration

1992          Entertainment Tonight, WCBS-Hale House Christmas Celebration

1992          The Big Red Newspaper, NY-Jeffrey L. Nelson a/k/a Le Puppetman


● Acrylic Painting

● Watercolor Painting

● Digital Painting

● Photoshop Elements 13

● Design Sculpey Clay

● Design wooden figurines

● Photoshop CC

● Photographer

● Design Rod Puppets 

● Design Foam Puppet 

● Design Hand Puppet 

● Design and construct 

    puppet scenery, stage and props    ● Design and construct                          Facemasks, Clay, Rubber,

    Leather and Paper Machie

● Design Marionettes

Printable Resume


2001          Computer Technician / 3D Animation, The Career Center, NY 

1999          Facial Mask Making, School of Visual Arts, NY

1991          Study under Raymond Billingsley, Creator of “Curtis”, comic strip, NY

1990          Apprentice to Bruce Cannon, Master Puppeteer, Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, NY

1983          Travel and Tourism, Sawyer College of Business, Sherman Oaks, CA

1980          Technical Drafting,  David Starr Jordan High, Los Angeles, CA

1979          Visual Arts,  Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA 

Extended Work History

Related Professional Experience

Founder, Le Puppetman Puppetry, New York, NY and Stamford, CT.  Variety Shows, Educational and Recreational Workshops, Custom made Puppets and figurines. 


Master Puppeteer and Artist Educator, City Parks Foundation, New York, NY.  Performing in “The Peter Pan Game” and “Sleeping Beauty” Shows at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park.  Troubleshoot and emphasize theatrical protocol.  Design and maintain puppets, scenery, stage and props.

African American Musical Puppetry - touring puppet show, Le Puppetman Puppetry and New York Children Theatre.

The Big Apple Star Search - touring puppet show, Marionette Theatre in Central Park and New York City Parks, Recreation Centers and Playgrounds.

Harlem River Drive - touring puppet show, Bruce Cannon Puppetry Productions and New York Children’s Theatre.


Member of the Union International de la Marionette, UNIMA-USA

Member of The Puppeteers of America, Inc

Member of the Connecticut Guild of Puppetry

Member of Stamford Art Association

Member of Loft Artists Association

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